Black Payback 2 Nasty Whores

Published on April 29, 2023 by HQCollect

Affirmative without a doubt… this the most over the top frightful sh!t we could possibly do. We bent over and put 2 of the nastiest bitches on camera along with Rich and OMG, these diggers went IN!!! It’s a vomit fest with these edomite cave monsters hurling in one another mouths, lickin’ man-ass and they OWN butts. We brought back snaggletoof, however we didn’t let her close to Rich dick with them vampire teef, so she was runnin’ support. This gon be the best scene we at any point put out. You ain’t never seen 2 tools take dick like this. A gift for all my brothas out there since we figured out they set Cosby free. Appreciate it.

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Black Payback

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